Fully Managed 12% of rent (incl VAT)


  • Collect & remit of monthly rent received
  • Deduct commission and other works
  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions
  • Advise all relevant utility providers of changes
  • Arrange property inspections at: A) One month after move-in  B) Four months after move-in  C) Six monthly thereafter
  • Arrange routine repairs and instruct approved contractors (providing a maximum of two quotes)
  • Hold keys throughout tenancy term
  • Make any HMRC deductions and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant)

Rent Collection 7% of rent (incl VAT) 

Tenant Find Service £330 (incl VAT)


  • Collect & remit the monthly rent received
  • Deduct commission and other works
  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions
  • Make any HMRC deductions and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant)

Tenant Find £390.00 (incl VAT)


  • Collect and remit initial months rent received
  • Agree collection of any shortfall and payment method
  • Provide tenant with method of payment
  • Deduct any pre-tenancy invoices
  • Make any HMRC deductions and provide tenant with NRL8 (if relevant)

Terms & Conditions:


You agree to indemnify us against all claims arising out of carrying out our duties under these terms of business and any penalties or fines that are imposed upon us as a result of your failure to comply with legislation or official notices.


These terms shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the law of England and Wales.


You will confirm to us in writing any of the events listed below:

· Notice to terminate our agency

· Appointment of other agents including Estate Agents offering the property for sale

· Notice to terminate or vary the terms of an active tenancy

· Approval for maintenance work in excess of our delegated spend limit

· Changes to your bank account details

· Changes to your UK residency status

· Changes to your contact details

· Exchange or completion of a sale of the property

· Legal proceedings, bankruptcy or insolvency orders against you.


We may give you 1 months’ notice to vary these terms of business.


We may transfer all of our rights and obligations as your agent to a third party who has been approved by Chadwells.


We will act as a data controller in respect of all data we hold on you, the property and the tenant and we may share this data with our suppliers.


We may promote your property using various media, including the erection of a sign board unless you instruct us not to do so. We may also use your property for editorial features and advertising purposes unless you instruct us otherwise.


You may only gain access to the property during an active tenancy by prior agreement with the tenant, unless in circumstances of a genuine emergency threatening life or the safety of the property. We will not be responsible for arranging access for other agents acting on your behalf.


Chadwells is a member of The Property Redress Scheme (PRS)

If you have a complaint about the service, you have received from Chadwells you should address your concerns in writing to the Branch Manager. The correspondence will be acknowledged and dealt with by return of post. In the unlikely event that you remain dissatisfied then you may refer the matter to the Ombudsman at the following address:

Ombudsman Services: Property Redress Scheme, Premiere House, 1st Floor, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1JH


You are required, for both the initial fixed term of the tenancy, and any extensions to the tenancy, to pay our fees and commissions. We will deduct these from any monies received under this Agency Agreement, under any Tenancy Agreement and under any insurance claim. No refund of fees and commissions will be made if the tenant stops paying rent for any reason. Fees and commissions will be deducted in advance from rent paid in advance. No refund of fees and commissions will be made if you invoke a break clause in a tenancy where our fee was prepaid for the full term.


In respect of the marketing of your property:

You may terminate our agency during the initial marketing period of 12 week fixed term subject to two week notice and a withdrawal fee of £200.00 plus VAT.

In respect of an active tenancy arranged through our Agency:

You may terminate our agency by giving us 2 months’ written notice at the end of the initial tenancy contract and subject to a £50.00 plus VAT withdrawal fee. Chadwells will transfer any bond deposit taken over to the you, acting Landlord. Please be advised that any issues arising after this point will become the responsibility of you, the acting Landlord.

In respect of a proposed tenancy which had been previously agreed ‘Subject to Contract’:

You may terminate our agency immediately subject to paying £250 plus VAT for the administration and marketing your property.